What to expect

Allow up to 1hr

First visit

Active Release Technique
1. Consultation
You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire to help us get to know you. Your Chiropractor will use this information to help understand your history and specific health concern.

Active Release Technique
2. Examination
A thorough chiropractic, physical, postural, orthopaedic, SFMA and neurological examination will be performed to determine the cause of your health concerns.

Active Release Technique
3. Movement assessment
Many of our clients present with sporting related injuries. For this reason we like to take a more active role in assessment. This is so we aware of the exact problem and mechanics to insure a tailored approach to treatment and recovery
Active Release Technique
4. Medical imaging
If needed; you will be referred to the local radiology centre for necessary views to be taken, to visualise the location of any spinal or extremity concerns, reveal any abnormalities, and help us make your care more specific to your condition.
Active Release Technique
5. Kinesiology assessment
You will be assessed with a series of muscle tests to determine any deficiencies or weakness in your body. Increasing the Chiropractor's ability to find the basic underlying cause of your health concerns.

Follow up visit

On your second visit your Chiropractor will thoroughly explain and discuss your initial assessment, imaging results and provide you with a specific care plan.

Active Release Technique
1. Plan of attack
Active Release Technique
2. Rehab
Active Release Technique
3. Treatment

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